Any thoughts?

I would like to turn this page over to you…

Please add any comments you like here, on anything at all. Perhaps an issue that is bothering you, a suggestion for a blog topic, a grumble or even (heaven help us) a political comment!!!

Just fill in the ‘leave a comment’ box below. I promise I will read each and every post.

[Note that for obvious reasons comments will be checked before they appear on the page.]


4 Responses to Any thoughts?

  1. Kathy says:

    Hello Wendy
    I just read your piece in the Echo. I publish a magazine in the forest called The New Forest Messenger. It is for the over 60svalthough everyone picks it up! In my Summer issue I am doing a piece on loneliness and would like to chat to you sometime . My email is messenger Please take a look at My website

    Kathy Baker Editor.


  2. Peter obrien says:

    Hi Wendy although I did talk to my friend the therapist I just remembered you should contact HACP

    Hampshire association of counsellors and psychotherapist

    They meet once month in chandlers ford and have fully authenticated members

    They allow anyone with an interest in their specialisms to attend meeting and I am confident they will have someone delivering mindfulness

    In Bournemouth there is a mindfulness group you could join just put into Google mindfulness bournemouth


  3. Thanks Peter I will make contact. What were your thoughts about the home page. I’ve forgotten what you suggested.


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