Connecting with Others

It is so important to connect with people on a daily basis, and this is one reason I have decided to start this blog. I would really welcome your comments and feedback, and hope to provide a forum where others like me can chat and discuss the issues that affect us.

When I sold my house in West Sussex and moved to Chandlers Ford it was exciting. Friends I left behind assured me they would visit, but I think only two have actually made it, so I have to say I felt upset, lonely and sad. I realised that I had to get out and meet people, and try and make some new friends.

Chandlers Ford is a nice place to live, not too busy and, you would say, safe. Getting Lou, my dog, was to some people a selfish act. I pushed from my mind the fact that I would get older, and at the time I just couldn’t envisage not being able to get out as much. However I do still go out every day – and in fact I made it my goal to meet someone to speak to every day.

I have now met lots of people, mostly through Lou, so I can highly recommend a dog for breaking the ice! I have to say it has taken some time to feel comfortable with those I meet regularly, and only now, several years on, can we have a good laugh and joke about just about everything.

Sadly, I have also had my share of let-downs. I have met those who have said ‘come for a cup of tea’, or ‘I’ll take you and Lou to the coast’. (I just don’t feel comfortable driving that distance on my own, I haven’t seen the sea this year, and I do love it). One of the walkers promised I could go with her next time she went, but it just didn’t happen. I wonder if people realise how hard it is to accept the fact that, although at the time she meant it, it wasn’t ‘on her radar’.

Disappointment is not something either an elderly person or a youngster wants to feel. Better not to say anything in the first place. If I say I’m going to do something I do try my hardest to do it.

Another way I have met people is within the block of flats where I live. Whilst there are downsides to this kind of accommodation there are also lots of positives. People living here range from the age of 90 to just a year. I especially love to see the little ones.

6 Responses to Connecting with Others

  1. Eileen says:

    Glad you had good Christmas, ours was quiet and very laid back. Today waiting for daughter and boyfriend to arrive from Lincoln so lunch been slowed down lots as they are caught in traffic. And visitors from Southend have same problem.
    Tomorrow out for lunch with friends, then back to normal and away for New year. And only hope 2017 is a much better year.


  2. I have landed on your page following a post on Facebook and a Channel 4 clip of young mums describing their feelings of loneliness. It hit a massive nerve as I remember how isolated and miserable I felt after I had my first child aged 18 many years ago. This inspired me to take action and find out how I can help people to connect – it can’t be so difficult surely, just to find one friend who could really change our lives. I’m impressed by your goal and your idea to write a blog – it’s something I keep thinking about. Thanks for inspiring me and Happy New Year xx

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  3. Sandie says:

    I wonder if you are still working on this as the last person to leave a message was 2016 and it is now 2019 and I am thinking about getting out and meeting people but am a bit introverted so find this a massive challenge, so maybe a dog would be a good idea for me. I have been thinking about it but that is as far as it gets.


  4. Sarah Henley says:

    Hi Wendy, where abouts in Chandler’s Ford do you live? I’d love to take you to the seaside with my 18 month old!!


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