Since cutting my finger, life has become a little more difficult for me. I’m a wooze I know, but when two fingers are strapped together on your dominant hand, every day chores become fraught with problems.  You take care not to bump your finger on anything that is going to hurt,  but you seem to bump into more things than usual.  It’s as though your finger is saying “hey look at me I’m hurt.  Do you want to hurt me even more”.

I need to keep it dry if at all possible, so into the shower with a plastic bag over my hand, but I could still feel the odd trickle of water running down. Needless to say it was very much a lick and a promise this morning. Getting a bra on proved to be difficult.

Yesterday I had arranged to prepare a simple lunch, steak, chips,  mushrooms the usual. I couldn’t even get into the steak. It was sealed up like Fort Knox so had to wait for my daughter to arrive to release the steaks. With her help lunch went okay.

What a day. I was so glad that Trudy had been picked up by Derek for her walk. I’ve done enough dog walking in all weather’s  to appreciate just how lucky I am to have the Cinnamon Trust volunteers to help out.

Today is looking dry, but not much else to recommend it. Slow cooked casserole for lunch so nothing challenging.

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Eventful few days.

The old saying jumps to mind “it never rains but it pours”. Pretty much sums up this week for me. Still feeling much better and I’m now able to undertake a few more things without that breathless feeling.

Tablet now working well. Ade Jupe a local computer guy called and picked it up,and today it has been returned, but not without a bit of a drama. I was opening a tin of food for the dog and unfortunately managed to cut myself just above my knuckle. Quite sore and as I’m on blood thinners bled quite a lot. A good wad of kitchen towel sorted that problem out, but I had no plasters in the flat. Ade was calling this morning to return the tablet, and I asked him if he could come a little later so I could get to the chemist. He insisted that he went for me. Such a kind thing to do, Thank you.

Next to arrive was Lou my grandaughter whose birthday it is. She has become a globe trotting business woman and buying  a gift was difficult. I opted for a Jo Malone travel candle. It arrived safely and was beautifully packaged. It even came with a box of matches. I shall definitely be returning for some more smellies in the future.

I have been Luna sitting (the dog) a couple of days this week as a new kitchen is being fitted and some of the workmen are worried about her as she’s quite large, although she is a softie  by nature. The first day no water whilst the plumbing was sorted. The next day it was the electrics turned off. Tudy and I returned home pretty tired on both days.

Next to go wrong was my car.  Battery kaput just when I had arranged to do my shopping. Luckily for me the dog walker took me and brought me home. How lucky am I to have such kind friends.

Tried to speak to somebody, anybody at the Pacing Clinic for my pacemaker. No chance, so I’m waiting to have blood tests done and an X ray.

Weather today is lovely. Popped up to see my friends at the charity shop. Huge selection and I came home with a couple of toys for Trudy.  They haven’t got a card reader and they are not going to have one either,which truth be told I find annoying. I rarely have much cash on me so I couldnt buy anything much, when I could have been tempted to buy quite a few things today, but without a card reader no chance.


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Talking is good for you I know

Following my shaky start to my weekend I feel lots better today, possibly because I have had some chat and laugh time with a couple of friends. These friends live on their own too, so they understand how afraid you become if you have a dicky heart, or whatever your problem is.

One of the ladies who also felt unwell over the weekend, had her bag packed and had tidied the house up. I hadn’t got as far as packing a bag but felt very vulnerable. What arrangements needed to be made for the animals. It goes round and round in my head, but as of this moment I’m still here feeling better daily.

I would just like to express a huge thanks to my doctor and surgery. I phoned  this morning and had an appointment just a few hours later. Haven’t heard anything from the pacing clinic,  or the Consultant’s secretary.

A friend also came round this afternoon with her dog. Trudy was not impressed with another dog in her space but with a bit of tummy tickling we managed to have a chat. Spits of rain put paid to that as she had clothes on the line. So annoying when you make the effort to hang them out, only to see rain clouds appearing.

We were talking about her mum, who unfortunately died a few weeks ago. We both shed a few tears.

Everything changes which is as it should be, but sad nontheless.

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Let sleeping dogs lie

I couldnt resist taking this picture of my Trudy. This was following her long walk with Derek and Anne. The bed was donated and I bought a cheap single duvet to go into the bed. As you can see its rather on the large size but she seems happy enough.

I have been feeling unwell. Had a period of days when i felt so breathless. I really wanted to get out yesterday but not sure how I managed it. To not be able to breath is a very frightening thing, which in turn hardly helps the situation. When I returned home just took things easy.

I have decided that I will try and get an appointment with the Consultant as soon as possible to try and sort things out. Perhaps the pacemaker isn’t working according to plan, or maybe its the medication. Either way its something that needs sorting out.

Today I feel like my old self for which I’m very grateful, although I’m feeling tired. Didn’t sleep much, but the animals snored their way through the night. Reassuring to hear someone else breathing.

Later I’m going to make lunch. Nothing difficult, and if necessary can be cooked by my daughter. She is having a new kitchen fitted, and we know what that means

Enjoy your day, keep safe.

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The last week or so has passed in a blur. The weather has not been kind to me or indeed many others I would imagine, so I’ve felt like doing little or nothing.

However now it’s cooler I’ve come round to tackling the housework more. When the days were so hot I just about made the bed, cleaned the bathrooms (I know we have two and a separate toilet) heaven knows why in a two bedroomed flat. Cooking was out of the window. Pretty much lived on cold meats, fish and salads.

In my younger days cleaning was not a chore. I could do the house, take the dog out and still carry on. Now I have to do a bit, and then sit down.  It is so tiresome.

When I first retired I did go out cleaning along with several others. We had such a good time, and we got paid as well.

It’s amazing what a house shows us when you’re out cleaning. Folic acid appearing on the bedside table (pregnant perhaps) and other things too intimate to disclose.

We worked mostly in the Surrey hills. Such beautiful houses, and the drive to get there was always a joy,  except of course if there was snow or floods. In that case we stayed at home.

I used to look forward to getting home, and my treat was to watch the film on Channel 5 in the afternoons. Bliss

Unfortunately age made it more difficult for me and cleaning became a thing of the past.  I do have very happy memories of this time.

I had a friend request from an old friend.  Dithered about but decided not to go there. There was obviously a motive for his request, as the last news I had of him was that he had got married. He was never happy with what he had which is a shame, because no-one is perfect are they?

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Telephone call and dog sitting

I try and keep in touch with my neighbour. I can already hear you say “just knock on the door” but she reacts better to a call. She has the opportunity to pretend she’s going out, or is busy making a coffee or something else that might spring to mind.

However on  Friday she picked up the phone. It was obvious that things were not going to plan. She was visiting her great grand children as they were appearing in Grease at a local theatre. She was going to stay overnight. She had showered and her hair was in rollers. Good start.

I asked if she had packed. No. Suggested we got round to doing it. Out came her bag,but first we had to empty out lots of coat) hangers which  she had put in the bag to get rid of them. She is a horder.

Packed skirt, blouse, clean knickers the usual stuff, and I made her a cup of tea, and cleared up the kitchen.

Next thing was waiting for the washing machine to empty so I could put the clothes on the airer. I carefully did this, knowing that she would re-arrange everything once I had left.

Bumped into her this morning. She had a great time, the only downside is she fell over, but no damage was sustained so I’m told.

She was off to church as she does every Sunday. The church is her life and her many friends are supporters of the church. A real family. They support and look after each other, especially as they are of a certain age now.

Off out for lunch later.

Hot, hot, hot.

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