Weird time

Have you noticed anything odd since your lock down besides those willing to break the rules.

I heard from a friend that her next door neighbour was on her knees brushing her fake grass to within an inch of its life. A bit sad when there is much more to keep our attention.  It could be that it’s her therapy and the result is amazing so I’m told. There’s my friend struggling to keep her garden looking good with a seven stone dog running amok.

I have received much kindness over the past week. Unexpectedly I received two meals delivered to me. They were very tasty and very good.I also had a loaf of bread delivered because I happened to say I was nearly out, and was seriously considering making my own.

I was walking Trudy in front of the flat when I heard my name called. It was my neighbour right at the end of our block. She is friendly and we say hello when our paths cross but she was the first to instigate a chat. It was suggested we each take a chair and a cuppa to the front  lwwn and have a chat.  Social distancing adhered to.

Yet more phone calls for a chat from those friends I haven’t seen in ages. One of those had a letter to say she was at Extreme Risk and she was not allowed to leave her house or garden until the end of June. I asked if she was upset by the letter but the person who has fought her cancer for years said “not particularly”. I’m sure if that were me I would be terrified. Seeing it in black and white it makes it more difficult to put it out of your mind.

Stay safe and continue with the social distancing.


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Am I dying

Over the past few days I have been receiving calls from long lost friends. I’m pretty sure they are checking up that I’m still here. It reminds me how we let friends slip away from us, and that is such a shame. I do try and keep up the contact with a few but not nearly enough. Perhaps I should look at my old address book. Do you remember those?

In my time have had many people pass through my life. Americans, Swiss, South African. Super people all of them.  I used to belong to a group called Plan International. They invited young people to come and join host families to see what makes us tick.

Lovely young people. Miss them.

Pick up that phone and start chatting.


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Morning. How are you coping? Mine is pretty much as it was with the exception of some very nice people.

I was fortunate to be offered a free lunch by someone who I had met many years ago. He had a friend who was a chef and was cooking lunch for 100 people, and I was fortunate to be on the list. I received a curry which I was delighted to receive as my curry cooking is not particularly good, and a shepherds pie. Both were truly scrumptious.

Chandlers Ford Help did me a huge kindness as they had picked up my prescription and pets ongoing medication.

The young woman who delivered the items was a welcome and cheery sight. She wore a brightly coloured dress and bright red lipstick. She really made my day.

My daughter hands over some cake for myself and my two neighbours and we have had a selection of brownies, banana cake,and rock buns.

Today the dog has just been picked up for her walkies. The walkers really do save my life at the moment.

The weather is bright but cold.

The one positive thing that has happened since the lock down is how quiet the road has become outside of the flats. It is usually very busy all day and much of the night,

Stay in, keep well and if possible cheery. One of the blessings of being a certain age. I don’t have to keep children entertained, but the downside is I’m not so mobile anymore. To prove the point my reclining sofa is not working and I think it’s because one of the connecting wires has come adrift but I can’t reach them to put it together again.  On well will have to wait until my daughter’s quarantine is over.




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Another beautiful day. I have been blown away by the kindness of people especially those in Chandlers Ford where I live.

Someone has set up a group called Chandlers Ford Help which is exactly what it says. A volunteer is picking up my prescription and a few essentials from the vet, because guess what Trudy has a bad ear.This is a problem she has had before so they dispensed the same treatment,  and puss’s repeat  medication.

The group undertake to shop for essential items, visits to vets, chemists.They are also setting up a telephone link to those who are feeling overwhelmed with what is happening at the present time.

I’m busy washing my hands to the point they are now very sore.

Keep safe.











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The Virus

What a lot is circulating round my head. Have I got enough food etc. I’ve given up on hand sanitising. Washing,washing hands and then a drop of vodka. Don’t know if it’s any use but I feel it’s something I can do.

I use it to wipe down door knobs, which by the way shine up beautifully, light switches and everything I touch, if I can remember what I’ve touched.

Lots of local shops are offering free delivery on crafty things, so I’ve ordered a colouring book and pencils.  I had a chat with the shop assistant who said that business had declined in the shop and she was worried about their future. The charity shop just down the road hasn’t opened for a couple of days which is worrying. I’m so glad that I’m retired and don’t have to worry about working to generate any income. I feel so sorry for all those people and businesses who are struggling.

Support our local businesses. There are lots of people offering help for shopping, dog walking, and telephone calls for a chat. I know I much prefer listening to a voice,  although I’m glad we have social media. We are not completely alone,  although sometimes it feels like it.

How nice to see the sun yesterday. I felt much better. Dreary days make you feel rubbish.


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A while

It has been a while since I posted mainly because I didn’t think that people would be interested in trivia.

Actually life has been anything but routine. I noticed that Trudy’s bed showed signs of discharge,  some blood and what looked like pus. I decided to take her to the vet. Pyrometra was diagnosed. Antibiotics given and a return to the vet the following day to have her womb removed. I felt so bad not giving her any food or water at breakfast time. Ordered to pick up at 5.45. The next hurdle was getting her home. She’s too heavy for me to lift,  daughter incapacitated and son in  law sore back, and then an angel appeared. My dog walker from The Cinnamon Trust. He lifted her in the car and then out. He even offered to take her back to the vets a couple of days later for a check up.

I’ve not ventured out for several weeks as I wanted to give her the time to heal. I have therefore not used my car and I’ve now got a flat battery again.  Rescue guy appeared who said perhaps there’s a problem with the battery.  I’ll get that checked out.

Late Saturday evening my mobile rang. Didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognise the number. I should have. I’m listed as a point of contact in case of falls, accidents etc to my next door neighbour. Luckily my daughter answered and quickly pulled on some clothes over her pyjamas and rushed up.Paramedics in attendance. She is such a brave old lady, and very lucky she hadn’t done herself any serious damage.

Cooked lunch and kept a general eye. Managed to contact Social Services with Mary talking to them. I was so cross when they suggested exercises and not much guidance for making her flat safer. Finally they agreed to send someone to assess her needs. Let’s hope we can get some extra help even a few grab handles or something.

She’s off to doctors this morning as her blood pressure is still high.

Chilly chilly today. Wrap up warm and be kind. The buzz word at present it seems.

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