Francis Benali

I am so in awe of this amazing man and his achievements. He must be very proud with what he has achieved, with the help of his supporting team. He will never be forgotten, whilst I can’t say the same thing.  I always hoped that I would do something that I would be remembered for. It makes life worth living you might say.

I know that a little kindness could be considered a reason to be, but I  want my achievements to be large, when in fact its the small every day things that make such a difference to someone’s life. I know for a fact  that when people say hello to me and have a chat I’m uplifted.It’s just so amazing that men, women and children achieve such wondrous things. Their premise being to help others.

This week I’ve managed to upset a couple of people. Not deliberately but I managed it. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and I can’t forget it.

Disappointing start to the day. Popped along to see a couple of friends who work in shops but both were closed, so I returned home. Think I’ll try a little yoga for the elderly.

Weather much improved. Sun peeping out but not that warm.


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My bird feeding box.

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Fussy birds

A friend of mine gave me a stick on the window bird feeder. They really enjoy it and I refill several times a day. It gives me and my friends many pleasurable hours watching them. What a slovenly house she must live in you might say, but I do clean as well.

I was sat looking out of the window when I heard a sort of tinkling noise. Couldn’t place it until I looked out of the window to see birds throwing the bits they didn’t like out of the container.  No cheap rubbish for them it would seem, so I purchase the more expensive food.

It would seem that I can’t get away from anything that could be described as cheap,and that includes both the cat and dog food, although that might change because the dog food smell is beginning to turn my tummy.

I remember when I was pregnant many years ago the smell of meat was something I couldn’t stand, although the delight or fear of being pregnant has long receded into the distant past,

Such a shame the weather is unsettled and colder but enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing.





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My favourite birthday card

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Reversible pinny and a bouquet of flowers

Today is my birthday again. How the time does fly. My grandaughter sent me the flowers and they are a delight. I’m very pleased I didn’t buy myself a bunch from Tesco.

The pinny was a mother’s day present. It is reversible. Large so I can wrap it around and it has pockets. I really like a pocket.

As is often the case it seems I can’t remember much about last week.We did however travel to Portsmouth and Fareham last Monday. Dogs all in the car. It was so warm. I realised too late that I should have taken some water with us.

On the way home we called at the charity shop and I bought a tupperware container suitable for putting water in. Of course its pretty much poured with rain since Monday. Do you remember going to tupperware parties and been astonished at the prices? Now you can pick pieces up very cheaply.

They have had an amazing sale selling ladies clothes for one pound each. I bought a couple of new dresses. Washed and ironed ready to go. I also bought a waistcoat like an afghan coat all woolly. I’ve been so cold that I’ve been wearing it. The cat loves it.

Tuesday was the Beacon Cafe. We made Easter hats and little baskets.

Wednesday and Thursday I had a decorator in to paint the hall, kitchen and lounge. I’ve had one wall in the lounge painted slate grey. Its mainly because Trudy likes to sleep on her bed with her legs up the wall. Now I don’t have to wash the wall all the time.The dirt doesn’t show in the grey. Good job all round.

Off to lunch today and then a movie. However I do wish that I had woken up with someone saying “Happy Birthday”with a cup of tea although I’ve had a phone call or two, but that’s not quite the same is it?

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