A most horrible week

If I can remember as far back as Monday,  I had no way of knowing anything untoward was lurking on the horizon, although cat was scratching a lot. The spot  treatment that the vet prescribed didn’t seem to be working well. Bought another brand in the interim and scratching became less. End of problem I thought.

Tuesday morning. Sorted the animals and went back to bed for a while to read. I put my book down and noticed these small specks, and I realised they were fleas. I squashed quite a few which I enjoyed. When young, before the treatments available to us these days were available , we used a combe,killed them by whatever means you fancied , although pretty sure that you couldn’t catch every one

I decided to ring up some pest controllers and I couldn’t believe the prices. Some were very very expensive one of the quotes was £700. I didn’t go with that company.

I then had to strip the beds.Wash on a hot wash, and then vacate the property for four hours. Luckily my daughter lives just down the road so we decamped there. Cat as well.

Of course then had to make the bed. I was tired before I even started that chore.

I began to notice that my dog’s bed showed a pus like colour.Went to vet.. Pyrometra. Antibiotics today  (Wednesday) and then operation the following day (Thursday). So worrying, but I was lucky that I could visit a couple of friends. Trudy was finally picked up at six o’clock last night, Very out of it, but seems much better today thank goodness.

The next concern is will the insurance company pay out? I can see some of my savings being used. The dog is very important to me and she deserves as much as I can possibly give her.

Can I wish for a happy weekend for myself. Of course I can, and to you Have a great one,





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How many towels?

My lovely neighbour provides me with hours of fun, but it’s not meant in an unkind way.

Trudy returned from her walk and quickly discovered that Mary’s door was open. In she rushed with me following on.  Trudy was pretending to not hear me.Mary was standing in her hall complaining that she was worn out after having had her shower. We asked why. It transpires that she uses four towels and she’s a slip of a thing, one for the floor,  one for her hair,  one large wrap around and one for the final rub down. Couldn’t quite believe it. That’s virtually a washing machine load.

My flat is not one to have gas central heating, so quite often I feel a little chilly, so I reckoned a throw was the thing to buy.

Went onto Amazon and had a look see. Didn’t want a huge one because I can’t fold them up tidily anymore. I have enough problems changing the bed linen (I have quite a large double bed). As it is I have taken  to changing the bottom sheet and pillow cases one day and the next the duvet cover.  Not quite so nice as doing a complete change of linen. I love the feel of clean sheets, and if they are dried outside in the fresh air all the better. Picked up one reversible grey and white throw, and it’s very sensual. I find it very soothing to smooth the fabric. A bit like a fake fur texture.

Usual meeting at the Beacon. General chit chat. Managed to stay until the end. I’m usually home well before that.

Today I’m off to lunch.  Feeling very peckish, as normally I would have my lunch a lot earlier. I really can’t keep picking at the chocs still in the cupboard after Christmas.

Bomb shell was dropped yesterday. The family want to move to Devon.Do I stay or do I go?

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It seems ages ago since Christmas arrived with all the balyhoo that goes with it. People seemed to be a little more friendly.

The Christmas week began with me preparing the vegetables and the ubiquitous trifle.

Christmas Day I decided to change my wardrobe from slacks to a dress. I had to wear tights and finally found a pair. Bit of an issue getting them on but finally successful. I wasn’t too worried because I knew there were a couple of new tights at my daughter’s.  Whipped the old off and then on with the new. You know the feeling as you struggle to get them on,  they were not big enough. Had I got a lot fatter or had the tights come up small. My daughter and I heaved and heaved and finally they were on. I was so exhausted I stayed home whilst they took the dogs walkies. It reminded me of my mum and her love hate relationship with her girdle.

A very nice lunch with my family and my daughter’s neighbour and son.  Very small amount of Moet,  but my gosh after a few sips could have drunk a lot more. My heart palpitations and drink driving were enough to make me stop.

Played a couple of games and then returned home. The car park is so dark .Hardly any lights, and I didn’t want to fall.

Boxing day the rest of the family arrived along with their cat. Not a happy relationship with my daughter’s cat and dog,

So many presents.

Another game and then home.

I was pleased to have a quiet couple of days.

New Years eve I took family to The Farmhouse for lunch. Good food and half empty,

New Years day I had lunch with my daughter ‘s neighbour. Lovely beef pie and chocolate cake for pudding,  served either with cream or ice cream. Scrumptious.

Played  a game after lunch and I came home with more goodies, I was so lucky,

May I wish you a very Happy and healthy New Year.


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Challenging week

Morning everyone. My week began as usual. Nothing untoward.

I went into one of my bathrooms. I have a shower room, separate loo and another bathroom. I know far too many in my mind.   I started with the cleaning and became aware that the top of the cistern was wet.  I stayed and waited, and then plop plop through the ceiling, I live in a ground floor flat. I put a washing up bowl on top, and a towel on the floor, and through the day the plop plops continued. The cat sleeps in the bedroom adjoining and I was concerned it would become wet overnight, but that didn’t happen.I pop the cat in her “room” because I can not sleep when she sits on  top of my head, and then poddles all night it seems,

My daughter took over the communication with the property managementt, as she and her husband own the flat. Phoned up the management company who assured her they would get in touch with the landlord and we were told the flat above me was number  17. This wasn’t correct. How they could get that so wrong. I don’t know. Doesn’t put them in a good light especially as we pay over £800 every six months. For what?

I own up to getting stressed because it’s out of my control. Another problem was with Hermes. They supposedly tried four times to deliver a parcel to me. Still haven’t received anything,  but thankfully the company are resending the goods via Royal Mail. The company has been fabulous can’t thank them enough

I had a delivery from Royal Mail yesterday no problem and that came from the States.

Next thing to happen concerned a mince pie. I love them. I was sat eating one when I heard a knock on the door. Up I jumped leaving the pie on the table. Returned to find half of the pie had been eaten. I phoned the vet and we decided that inducing her to vomit was the way forward.

The vet did what was necessary and said unfortunately there wasn’t a room inside that we could use, so I sat in a chair outside in their garden. Those were the longest twenty minutes I’ve spent in a long time, even though they gave me a doggy blanket to put over me, but on the small size. It was so cold late afternoon.

Driving home was a challenge, as I don’t drive at night anymore, but got home safely.

No more leaks yet, and no more mince pies eaten. That’s three things isn’t it. They do say everything comes in three.


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Past week,mobility scooters and soup

Bizarre title unusual week.

Monday arrived and it was Mary’s 94th birthday. She was not really looking forward to the day as she felt alone.

Her sister Joy has had to give up driving through ill health which means they can’t wander far from home. Her scooter is new and she is able to get out and about on it, but her legs feel cold. I suggested a blanket but that didn’t meet with her approval. She also said how awful the pavements were. Not surprising.

However back to Monday.  A friend called round at Mary’s for coffee She is a scooter rider herself. She wss clutching home made pumpkin soup. I was tickled to death. Can just imagine her scooting along with her container filled with soup.

In the afternoon she was picked up for a U3A meeting, so quite a full day for her.

Tuesday was the Beacon day. Lots of people attending.Mary had decided she would sign up for Dial a Ride and was taken in style to the Beacon.  I think she felt if I couldn’t take her there was another option. The only concern she had was they wouldn’t pick her up again. Told her she would have to hitch. A large chocolate cake complete with candles was held aloft, and we all sang Happy Birthday, The cake was divided up and we had a small piece each.  She arrived home safely, and didn’t need to hitch after all!

Popped in for a cup of tea. Lots of cards.My daughter made her a cake. Stayed for a while and then came home. I could see she was getting tired.

Wednesday was my day at the hospital. Such a long wait but you cannot complain. After all  they are helping you.

Thursday was vet day again. More steroids dispensed to deal with the itch.

Yesterday was spent talking, enjoying company and house cleaning.

Today likely to be spent inside. Not so nice outside.

Enjoy your weekend. Perhaps decorate the tree?





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My memories

I consider myself lucky to be living in a warm flat. Just cracked the night storage heater system.The last few years have been very chilly.

My mum and dad lived in a flat in Swaythling. A nice flat with good sized rooms, but just before central heating arrived. That meant a coal fire and dimplex oil filled radiators.

The fire was lovely but if you moved away from the fire it was very chilly.

In the winter dad had his orders. Make tea and then make up the fire in readiness for mum. She would have a bath and then beat a retreat to the fire where she gently steamed herself dry, and then the palaver of getting herself into her playtex girdle. By the end of the day the playtex was whipped off and hidden behind a cushion,  in case someone called.

I miss those days. Everything is frantic these days not much time for anyone or anything. It’s amazing but most of us have some form of central heating,  but a lot don’t use it, mostly due to the cost.

This past week has posed a challenge for my dog walkers as Trudy is in heat. I never know because she is so clean. They are forced to travel to quieter spots. I haven’t ventured out with her myself. I’ve only just started walking with one stick. I don’t really want to go arse about tip.

Weather is an improvement today. Popped out for a hot chocolate and then returned home.  Even if you go out for a short walk it does break up the day nicely.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?. I have bought a few presents and know what I’m buying for others, so no mad rush. Unfortunately it is difficult for me to go to the shops, so Internet shopping  is my solution but that’s not the same is it?



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