80th Birthday Party

I was delighted to be invited to an 80th birthday party yesterday and Trudy and I duly arrived at the appointed time. Rang on the bell, door opened and  balloons, children, people and a dog all were restrained so we could enter. Lovely warm and welcoming feeling.

Trudy off the lead and went haring out to the garden. A few minutes passed and she came running in trailing a basket filled with plants clamped underneath her. How she managed that I’ve no idea and the only way to set her free was to take her harness off. Not the best of beginnings for her.


Next problem were the balloons especially the large red balloons depicting the age of eighty.

It brought to mind how little she had experienced in the way of a typical family like setting.

Lots of lovely food,  curries, chilli con carne, and sandwiches, especially the eggy ones. I love egg sandwiches mainly because I don’t make them for myself. They are such a faff  to make for me alone.

Children of all ages playing happily on the trampoline, and in the sandpit,and partygoers of all ages. All blissfully happy and content.

There were a large number of people that I didn’t know and I found it a bit intimidating but enjoyed the bash very much.

Forego the birthday cake as Trudy was scared with these floating red things with a number on them, but hope to have a slice next week.

I went to the charity shop for a few hours, and came away with a dog grooming set, a handbag, and various bits and pieces. Not a bad morning all round.

Today being Sunday I think is going to be spent quietly. My back is causing me some pain, and although the experts all agree to keep moving, I’m going to disregard their advice and rest awhile.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you may be doing. At least in Chandlers Ford the sun does appear to be trying to shine so that lifts the spirits doesn’t it.

Puss is quiet today but she has just had her opiate administered so I’m hoping things will improve as the day progresses.

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Your sick voice

You know that feeling when you wake up and you really, really feel that you need a day off. You pick up the phone and make that call. You lower your voice, stutter a bit and say “sorry won’t be in today I don’t feel well”or similar words. For a second you feel guilty but then that usually goes away.

This sick voice had me thinking especially after I overheard a call last week. I wasn’t eavesdropping as the conversation started in my lounge.

A friend had called round to medicate the cat when her boyfriend rang. I heard her say it’s not your voice that is the problem it’s your stomach, so why are you whispering. The call was to ask her to buy special food for an invalid. He felt that if he whispered it would help his cause. Obviously didn’t work it just made her cross. Why does he have to whisper to tell me he wasn’t feeling well she says. I found it funny. Speaking quietly is not usually something we do.

Next time you make that call be very very careful.



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20171004_080241Beep beep message on my phone. Family at Heathrow. Next message it’s so cold. I replied it’s lovely put a woolly on, but I guess from Bali to Chandlers Ford is a bit of a hit.

Walked over the rec and I met Margaret who handed me this photo of Trudy and her friend Meg. Margaret had been walking round with this photo for ages because we kept missing each other. I love it,  will buy a frame this weekend.


20171004_080256Off to The Beacon  and this is the result of my efforts this time. It would be a lovely thing for a child or even an oldie to do. Basically you paint the veins on the leaf and press on to your card. If you are of the artistic type I’m sure you could produce something stunning,

Left the cafe early to go to Waitrose for puss food. Trying to get fatty things that she fancies to get the weight on, but I’ve noticed that we are beginning to slip back to not eating much again.

At great expense I bought ham with streaky fat round the outside of the ham slice. You would be right in thinking that she won’t eat it, and I really can’t face the ham slices with the fat. Trudy it’s going to be your lucky day yet again

Walking later I wonder where we shall go?


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woodsMy second walk of the day was to Hocombe Woods and the silence was deafening. You understand that I’m sure.

We live in such a noisy world now. The phones which are usually on our person,  the bleeps that tell us we have a message or an e mail. I’m totally addicted to these things. I have to look immediately just to see what I could be missing, which most of the time in my case is not much.

If you wake during the night I always think the silence is different from the day. I know it is always quieter at night, but between night and dawn,  the silence changes. I love it just as I like the dark, but where I live that’s not so easy. Will have to invest in black out curtains, as unfortunately there is a street light which shines into my bedroom, add to that security lighting by the parking bays and it’s very light. I long for peace from lights and traffic.

I have been living here for over two years, and still can’t get used go the traffic.

Erling Lagg has written a book about silence or lack of it and the effects it has on us all.


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The telephone

This weekend  has been difficult, in fact the last few weeks have been.

Up and down to the vet, not seeing many people, and feeling depressed and yet I’m lucky. I have a phone call from Bali most days and see someone each and every day.

I visited the charity shop for a couple of hours yesterday. So many things costing just a pound. Clothes, some shoes and odds and ends.I think they are trying to get rid of a lot of their stock before they shut for a clear out, and then hey presto it’s going to re-open with Jane and Lisa in charge. It already has a different feel.

Following the grotty weather forecast yesterday, I popped a casserole on in the slow cooker with dumplings. There is enough for a couple of meals, and I suspect I shall be fed up with the casserole long before its eaten up.

I always recognise when I’m desperate to chat because I pick up the phone and get going. Social media is all well and good, but nothing beats the sound of someone’s voice saying hello.

Carol heads off to Guildford on Tuesday for the results of her scan following completion of her treatment. I shall be ringing her on Tuesday, so I’m going to be praying that it’s a good outcome. When I ask her if she’s worried she answers” whatever will be will be”.

Courage and determination in abundance and I’m pretty sure that goes for all other cancer sufferers too.

God Bless.

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Keeping Fit

20170927_093709As a reader you are aware that puss has been suffering from a broken jaw, requiring several doses of pain killers and force feeding.

As you know cats will mostly do what they want when they want to do it.

I have two bedrooms in the flat one of which is spare and puss likes to hide herself under the bed because it helps her feel secure, and quite wrongly as it turns out, she thinks we can’t reach her. Take a look at the photos of Nat and I trying to get her. The other morning we had lifted the mattress up.  I had caught her but couldn’t ease her out. We decided quite quickly that I would hang on to her and Nat would come to me and get puss. It was very funny. There was I buried underneath the mattress waiting to be released. I’m quite glad no one took a photo of me. Not a pretty site as my derriere at my age is not particularly attractive, and maybe never has been. Who knows.

20170927_093744Returned from vet. Outlook more promising. Took the dogs to Valley Park. A very pleasant morning,  feeling very warm. Trudy off lead and having a wonderful time. Tempted back with sausages in my pocket.

Loads of dogs and owners, in fact too many. I don’t like being around a lot of dogs because too many is sometimes asking for trouble but all good today.

Got caught up in a traffic jam on the way to the vets. Lots of kids walking with parents to school. There was a little family walking along. Dad holding one son’s hand the other little boy quite obviously didn’t want to go to school, as he was quite behind with a very miserable face. He reminded me somewhat of Prince George who if the story is true is also fed up with going to school.

Let’s hope his day improves for him.

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