I received a letter from the hospital advising me that the request from my doctor for an urgent appointment is being reviewed. If I received no phone call by the 14th March I should phone.

Naturally I phoned this morning and spoke to a doctor who explained that I had this shadow for some while and it was obviously deemed that it was not a problem. I had no idea that this shadow appeared on an xray last January. No-One had told me.

I was told that I would receive an appointment within the next four weeks for a discussion as to what should be done.

All very pleasant and professional,  as indeed everyone that I have met in the hospital are.

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Another twinge

Following on from my blog yesterday I have to say that I managed to get a good nights sleep. If you don’t sleep everything is an effort and you almost lose the will to live. Every time I find I experience a new twinge, I’m left wondering if it’s connected to the “shadow”.

Got up. All animals sorted inside and out. I like to feed the birds. Stripped the bed ready for my daughter to help remake it. Needless to say she’s not coming today. I’m going there so will have to remake the bed in dribs and drabs.

Duvets are brilliant but such a pain to change, and I hate to turf the cat out of the middle of it. That’s my excuse.

My grandaughter sent me a lovely message to say she will help out whenever she can, and I’m part of the family. I’m lucky. There are many less fortunate.

Still blowy out there but not as ferocious as yesterday thank goodness.

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The big C is a possibility

Following my visit to the docs with the persistent cough I had, I was asked to attend the surgery for blood tests and make arrangements for an X ray which I did.

Follow up appointment all well or so it seemed except I was deficient in vitamin D. All sorted with one pill a week.

Imagine my surprise when I received a text asking that I contact the doctor to talk about the X ray results which I did. He was busy with his patients but phoned back to say the X ray had showed something  that they weren’t sure of. Typical that I had something that was “different”. Needless to say sleep was impossible. Googled everything about shadows on the lungs. Didn’t help. Don’t Google springs to mind.

He has decided to fast track me so now a waiting game. I’m scared.

Anyone out there who would like to send a message would be great.

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Blustery Saturday

I was fortunate in getting a lift to the supermarket. I’m always pleased to get a lift these days.  I have sworn should I ever get any money that I would hang up my car keys and  leave all the driving to someone else. Very unlikely.

On my way in there were a couple who were discussing the weather. The lady said “it wasn’t blowing like this in our garden” she was so surprised that it was blowing a hoolie. Another accident. Out came this lady with her shopping trolley with her paper resting on the top. You’ve guessed it. It went sailing away.  She decided she wasn’t going to chase after it. Very sensible.

Feeling rather uplifted off I went to join the happy throng of shoppers. Do you realise just how many people talk to themselves whilst shopping.I do hope I don’t do this but I’m pretty sure they are probably lonely. I know I talk to my animals,  but don’t think I talk to a tin of beans yet, but who knows.

Take care out there today. Look out for trees that might have blown down.




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Random purchases

As I was unpacking the car yesterday I took a look at all the things I had bought.

A packet of bird seed. Dog treats and a freebie sky remote. The remote came via a post in Chandlers Ford Good Neighbours. It’s amazing just what you can pick up.

Finally the last purchase of the day a very nice brand new dress from Chandlers Ford Happy Place. It was originally priced at £15 but for the whole of March all ladies clothes and mens are priced at £1. What a bargain.

Off for my pancake lunch. Returned home to grab the clothes in from the garden before it poured with rain, and then off to B and Q for a specialised paint to cover a worn wooden chair. I think it’s an old Ercol so well worth the effort.

I had started the day with a trip to the dentist. Painless and nothing else to be done. Nine months to the next check up. Music to my ears.

Absolutely worn out. Hopping although that’s a lose term, in and out of the car, set my back off horribly,  but supper and then bed helped ease the back pain.

I seem to be reverting to my childhood. Whenever I went out in the evening, my mum would always set up a bowl of cereal for me on my return.

As I haven’t much felt like eating these days I’ve started having a bowl of cereal before bed, otherwise by the time breakfast comes round I’m feeling sick because I’m so hungry, which is a horrible feeling.

Trudy is feeling unwell today. She could be just worn out like me but if necessary the vet beckons.

Enjoy your day.

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Spring days and a wonky pacemaker

Haven’t we been spoilt this week.  Wonderfully warm and spring like days.

On Monday Trudy and I went visiting and I sat in the garden under the  most beautiful blue sky and so warm.  It feels so nice to feel the sun on your face. Calming and relaxing, so much so that I had to drag my body out of the chair to return home.

On Tuesday I went with a friend to Romsey Paws Park. A large recreational field totally fenced in and safe for the dogs. There was a seat at the top of the field,  albeit a bit unstable, but again nice to sit on and feel the warmth of the sun.  The farmer has obviously set aside the field for dog walkers such as myself who has a dog with zero recall and other issues.

Next day we went again but only booked half an hour which was much better. The first day we booked an hour which was too much.

Yesterday I was picked up by a driver from Good Neighbours to take me to the hospital to have my pacemaker checked. It appears there is a fault with a batch of these life savers so they were calling those patients who had one for a check up. Don’t you know there is a problem with mine, so have to return in three weeks time. They were so apologetic but in all  honesty it’s not their fault.

Today I’m enjoying mooching at home.

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