Of no particular interest

I admit to feeling disinterested in the whole Christmas experience. Did enjoy a lovely walk with my friends and their dogs yesterday. One lady was expecting her family from Australia.  She had baked the cake,  made the mincemeat, cooked the puds and had made chutneys of various tastes. She is such a lovely cook so I’m pretty sure her family are in for a treat.

At the opposite end of the scale there were those who were hot footing it to Waitrose to buy half price Christmas cakes. That sounds like me.

I have however managed to keep my Christmas tree alive so must think about bringing it indoors, especially as things are going walkabout from outside. I would be cross if the tree went walkabout,  having slogged outside with buckets of water to keep it alive during the summer.

Returned my monitor to the hospital and saw lots of Father Christmas’s. I believe there was a Father Christmas marathon yesterday.

Off to my newest and most favourite cafe, at the present time for a hot choc. I also had a mince pie, but as it was “good for you” I didn’t enjoy the pastry so much. The filling was good though.

Enjoy your preparations. On a positive note I’ve just bought the dog a Christmas present. Am I mad?.Some would say so.


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Heart tests

I attended my local hospital for an Echocardiogram this morning. It was conducted by a young Italian man. Quite a handsome young man.

He asked me to remove my clothes on the top half of my body. Handed me a large piece of towelling paper to preserve my modesty.  I had a giggle because he emphasised the large bit. Oh for small boobs! Took a while to disrobe because it’s so cold this morning and I had on many layers.

Finally all sorted, and the scan took about ten minutes to complete. Another handfull of paper towels to wipe off the gunge. A large handfull.  Felt quite sorry for him having to cover up the boobs he sees every day.

Thanked him and then off to have a twenty four hour monitor fitted. All good. The monitor was fitted by a professional from the Cardiac Measurement Team and the scan also from the Cardiac Measurement Team. A rather bad choice of words I feel.

Then off to the Thrive cafe for a hot chocolate. Lovely.

Been handed a piece of paper which is in fact a diary to record when you go to bed, when you get up and any other symptoms you might have had during the day.

Can I own up to going to bed early and getting up early. I feel guilty if I go to bed early to read. The flat cools down quite a lot early evening until the storage heaters do whatever they do, so curling up early in bed is a good move. I don’t get cold.

I’m up with the lark though, in fact this week has been particularly early fivish which is too early.

Saturday again tomorrow. Where has this week gone.










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Went to bed with my brain in overdrive following my session with the medium.

I have remembered a few names that were randomly handed out, but she did say she had a picture in her head of a young man who committed suicide. I have searched my memories, and deep down I feel as if there is something in my subconscious that remembers this incident. I feel that it has something to do with one of my son’s friends.

I was waiting  outside in the freezing cold waiting for Nat to arrive. She was busy thawing her car out, when out of the blue a white feather appeared at my feet. A sign perhaps. Would like to think so.

Wrap up and keep warm.


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Psychic medium

In one of my blogs I mentioned that I intended to have a reading from a medium and that day was today.

Such a strange meeting. I recognised my mum and dad and even my mother in law who just wanted to say “sorry”. I wonder why she was sorry,  but of course part of me says “you should be sorry”. Is it bad to think badly of someone who is no longer around, and therefore unable to defend herself. Can’t answer that one.

Lots of names. Some rang a bell some not.

She said there were lots of spirits, whatever you will,waiting to come to me, even my lovely dog Lou. At this point I could feel my eyes filling with tears.  She felt that as I have Lou’s ashes here in the flat that was the reason she was aware of her presence. Nothing about my future, but you could argue that being older perhaps there is just not so much to see anymore.

Did I enjoy it. Difficult to quantify, but certainly many things she told me she could  not have guessed.


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New find

Following on from my trip to the dentist, we decided to have a cup of coffee,seeing there was a cafe opposite the dentist in Olivers Battery.

What a find. It is a community focused vegetarian cafe where wonderful food is baked and provided for its customers. A carrot cake had just been popped into the oven so I had to forego that treat. I did however have two slices of fruit bread with cinnamon butter. It was yummy. I had never thought of adding cinnamon to butter.

Food that tastes as good as it looks. All their food suppliers are sourced locally. The list of their suppliers are on a blackboard for everyone to see.

Dogs welcome so I shall definitely be visiting again.

What was heart warming is that the cafe is providing Christmas lunch for the homeless in Olivers Battery. It was so nice meeting and talking to someone face to face who was prepared to do her bit along with colleagues to make Christmas special for twenty people.

The phone number is 01962 864999. Email.hello@thrivecaféandwellbeing.co.uk.

They also offer many courses such as yoga/mindfullness.



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School days

An amazing thing has happened. My daughter called to tell me that she had been offered a trial day teaching children at Mount Pleasant School in Southampton.  You see I went to that school some sixty eight years ago, and in all honesty don’t remember it being a pleasant experience.

I remember having the ruler whacked on my hand. I think because I couldn’t do multiplication. I also seem to remember a pot bellied heater in the room somewhere, and doing handstands in the playground. I remember nothing of the other pupils at the school. No life time friends made here.

We have a new resident in the flats. A small wee girl born three days ago weighing six pounds or so. So tiny. I tried to find some silver in my purse so I could cross her palm with it, but no luck. This is a superstition  which says cross a palm with silver, and life would bestow blessings on that child. I was surprised that her mum had heard of this, as so many of these sayings are going the way the Dodo did and that’s a shame.

Off to the dentist in a while. What a thrilling way to spend Friday.

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