A very nice day

Yesterday, you could say was good.

A friend called to take me shopping. Trudy off out on her walk and so we set off. Where were we going? To Waitrose where else. Flowers in abundance for mothers day, but some were so expensive. I haven’t got a mum to buy for anymore, so I treated myself to a bunch of tulips and I bought a second bunch for my friend. It was also cheaper to buy two bunches than just one.

Shopping completed we called in to the charity shop. It was absolutely full. B & Q had donated a large number of plants and shrubs and containers for the charity. Debbie bought a bay tree for two pounds fifty pence, and a pot of chives for fifty pence.

I found a teapot cover freshly knitted. It bought back many memories. How many of you remember these tea cosies, and the toilet rolls covered by a knitted lady. Very prudish.

We came home and I made coffee for us all and settled down for a good old chat, when we were interupted by a knock on the door. It was the cleaners, a very pleasant couple of girls who did a good job. I asked that they pay particular attention to the en suite shower, as getting in and out to clean is pretty much impossible now. What a difference.

The rest of the day was spent reading. I find if I have a busy morning/afternoon I need to put my feet up.

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy mothers day.



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Knock on the door

Pootling around the flat not doing much,  you know how it is, when there was a knock on the door. No doorbells here!. Went to open it and there was Simon who lives in the same block of flats, but he lives on the next floor along with his wife and his young son.  His son is a gorgeous little boy, one that you want to envelop in your arms for a cuddle.

He started his own cleaning company a couple of years ago, and the call yesterday was to ask me if I would like the flat cleaned tomorrow. I wracked my brains to try and remember if I had organised such a clean,  but had no memory of making an appointment

I  couldn’t understand what was going on, but he just said he wanted to do it for me. What a fantastic offer, so tomorrow is a clean up day. I will of course tidy up before they come.  Don’t you always do this, I do.

Glenda and Lottie arrived for lunch and a chat. Dogs got on well, mostly ignored one another. Glenda bought sandwiches and a cake. Why is it that other people’s food taste better than our own?

Today is a household bill day, sorting out bits and pieces. What are you getting up to today.

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Beacon cafe

Luckily I arranged for a lift to get to the cafe. We were painting onto silk hankies. You don’t want to see my attempts because the outcome isn’t good.

I had been toying with the idea of buying a new mattress. Mine was getting a little bubbly. I felt like the fairytale of the princess and the pea. When I laid down I felt every bubble. Perhaps I’m really a princess after all. I scrawled through the internet. Exhausting and no decision made

I decided to ring Rownhams Bed Centre local to me. I explained what I wanted and in the end decided to go for an Italian memory foam. The assistant did say “you should try before you buy” but all things considered including difficulty in getting there and back I didn’t bother.  Agreed to go ahead with the sale. One hour later and they were at my door. Very good service. They took the old bedding and mattress off and put the new one in place. I watched it expand throughout the day and I was looking forward to trying it out

Very comfortable. Slept well.

Good result I think.

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Outlook for Saturday

Firstly of course comes Friday. Having posted a blog about feeling inadequate getting out for a walk, I noticed a post on our local neighbours page, and one post leapt out at me. A couple were offering to walk dogs for people who didn’t or couldn’t walk them. I sent a message.

Karen replied. It just so happens that I know her mum, which was quite a surprise to me. Trish (her mum) has been having a bout of ill health. Two replacement hips and a severe cold, so it’s a bit of an uphill struggle for her at the moment.

Trish is painting a picture of Luna for the family at the present time. She is a very accomplished painter, having won several prizes.

However, Trudy was collected and off they went. She did so enjoy the walk. All came in after for a cuppa, along with her two labradors. Trudy was very grumpy that they had invaded her space but all good.

Today Derek is coming for her if the roads permit.

My fridge is looking rather bare, so I’m hoping that this white stuff will disappear soon, and I can venture out. Even my little corner Tesco was closed yesterday.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.

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Cold, cold, snow, snow

Well its finally arrived – the white stuff. Looks pretty but not a lot going for it in my books.

It has however brought our community together with offers of rides in 4 x 4’s to go to doctors and hospital appointments, or even to be pulled out of the snow.

Opposite the flat I can see lots of people on the rec, children and dogs having fun.

I’m ashamed to say that I can’t walk Trudy today and I feel guilty and sad. My dog walker can’t get to me, and I can’t get out.

I feel stressed. The lack of a garden is a big problem at times like this. If she could run about in the garden I wouldn’t feel so bad.

I shouldn’t of course moan. I’m warm, have food and I’m lucky. I just have to remind myself of this.

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A wonderful love

I was watching Loose Women when Greg Wise appeared on the show (wife of Emma Thompson)

He was talking about his sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, and this is when she started writing her blog. Unfortunately the cancer spread to her bones and in 2015 Greg took over writing the blog, as she was too ill to continue writing it.

He looked after his sister for several months doing everything that was needed to keep her safe and happy. He even joked about giving her a shower in his underpants.

I listened to what he was saying with tears in my eyes. I find that kind of love so awe inspiring, and wished that I had been fortunate to experience that all encompassing love. In my vocabulary I  haven’t found the words to express how I felt when listening to his amazing time with his sister. What a love.

I felt my life would be enriched by knowing a man such as Greg, as indeed all of us would be enriched by his kindness.

Greg has published a book called Not that kind of love. I intend to buy it.

Snow showers all day but nothing settling at the moment.

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