Nula the new arrival

nula1nula2Family were in a high state of excitement yesterday. Their new puppy, Nula the German Shepherd, was being picked up. It was decided that we would meet the new arrival back at home. My granddaughter travelled from Bristol for the welcome party.

I visited at about 11 o’clock to see what the excitement was all about. Had to have a cuddle as I love the smell that new puppies seem to have. Gosh I missed Lou, although she would not be amused at all. Too hot for the puppy, who slept for most of the time I was there. She actually slept most of the night instead of crying so I’ve been told.

Worked at the charity shop, although it was too hot to do much of anything. Lisa the Manageress set up a large container of jewellery to be sorted at the table, and then found a fan which was awesome. I’m going to miss this when the shop closes.

I’m ‘babysitting’ on Tuesday and Wednesday as her owners are both away for more than a few hours in each day. She sleeps in a crate at bedtime, but it was decided that I needed one in my flat for the upcoming visits, in case I were to go out. I’m not likely to do that as it is my decision to stay and look after her. I’m very glad that the crate idea is consigned to history. It would leave me with little room to spare. No such decision in my early days of having a dog, the crates  weren’t around. You got up in the morning and let the dog out for their walk, and waited for them to return. I appreciate that isn’t possible in today’s age!

Met my friends the dog walkers yesterday and enjoyed the camaraderie. Too hot for me this morning though.

Absolutely sweltering. Far too hot for me to sit in the garden. I have been very diligent with the sun cream, bearing in mind that I have had basal cell carcinoma twice, so don’t want to go through that again. Please make sure you protect yourself and those around you.

I bought a very smart boater from can you guess where? The charity shop.

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Yoga, decoupage and numerology

Yesterday was my yoga session.  Very enjoyable it was too. Can stretch my body just a little bit more each time.

You know when things are a bit tough,and more than anything you want to hear something nice. This was the reason I decided to have a reading using numerology. The reading was provided by Tracey from I didn’t quite know what to expect, but the long and the short of it is that I’m just leaving a three year cycle and I’m entering into a new cycle.

Some things she said were  quite amazing.  Certainly she couldn’t have known about many things, particularly parrots. Parrots I hear you say. In the long and distant past I knew someone who rescued parrots, and I did for a short time have one myself. I had completely forgotten about the parrots. Weird.

Today my friend and I tried our hands at decoupage at the Wessex Cancer Trust.  Quite busy today and very awe inspiring when you listen to their stories. I returned home with a box, and my friend a bird.

Such a sad time again in London. Life is most certainly tough for so many of us.

To say I’m feeing sad today seems to be insignificant in the face of so much despair, as we’ve seen over the past few days.

I’m hoping to go to Bognor Regis tomorrow to keep my daughter company. I hope the sun shines so I can go on the beach. It’s been many a long year since I was last in Bognor, so I imagine I will see quite a change.

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I picked up the post this morning, much of which seemed to be the typical junk mail, but lying amongst it was a handwritten envelope (unusual in itself) with the House of Commons imprinted on it. I thought it was probably something from our M.P following the general election, so I opened it in a careless way. Inside was a compliments slip and three Jo Cox loneliness badges fell out. I shall be delighted and honoured to wear the badge (only one at a time of course), because this badge proudly says “Happy to Chat”. This was one thing that Jo was passionate about. To make time for others.

The morning passed very pleasantly with a trip to Brambridge with a friend,to choose something for Lou. We decided on a Prunus Nipponica Brilliant, which is a cherry tree. It has white flowers on it when blooming. I wanted something that would be mindful of what Lou was. The gentler colours mean quiet acceptance, but the branches of the tree have a mind of their own, which is just like Lou was.

I also bought myself some Lavender and Vanilla Fragrance Oil as sleeping for me is proving challenging.  I sound just like the television advertisement moaning about the lack of sleep. In my case it’s because I wake up thinking of Lou, not the problem of a baby in the house. I shall have a few drops on my hanky under the pillow, and then we’ll see.

I have given the plant a good soaking and I will plant it outside later.Our shopping over,we had coffee and cake. My cake was so large I reluctantly decided to leave some.

The rest of my day would seem to be the usual. A bit of television watching,reading and blogging.

Wonderful warm sunny day.


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Free hugs

Met up with the regular walkers this morning who hugged me, told me they knew how I felt, and we carried on with our usual banter and laughs. I love these generous people. Just had to share.

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Women’s breakfast group

Jane our long suffering helper at the craft table at The Beacon Cafe was chatting about the women’s breakfast group, which was being held yesterday.  It seemed to be just what I needed. Friendly faces a hymn or two accompanied by a guitar and prayers. Pretty obvious that I would shed a tear or two and I did. For some reason in my befuddled state I failed to register the word breakfast club, so I had already eaten my cereal, yoghurt and fruit, but a tantalising smell of fried bacon was the first thing that I registered, along with pretty roses on the tables. Some ladies had obviously worked very hard. There was a talk about ethical trading which was interesting and not too long. If I sit too long I start wriggling can’t seem to help it.

Off to my daughter’s for a drink and then to the charity shop. As you imagine much of the talk was about the shop closing. Customers and staff were very shaken.

Do you remember wearing slips under your clothes. We had some donated yesterday. Beautifully clean and lovely. Does anyone wear them these days though?

I returned home absolutely shattered as my day started so early yet again. Would love some sleeping pills, but because of my heart problem I can’t take them.

Had a lovely card from the dog charity Cinnamon Trust with a poem inside suggesting that we and our pets meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I do hope so.

Going to get my body into gear and meet up with the regular dog walkers, but expect to be looking for Lou and what she’s up to. It takes so long for things to sink in at least for me it does.





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An early start to Friday

No matter that I tell myself that I don’t have to get up so early to take Lou out, I’m awake. I guess when you are so used to waking up early for that first walk that’s it. I’m sure I needn’t have got up so early every morning, but being of a certain age I like to take things easy.  Not for me the rushing out the door. Feed the animals, make tea, have a shower and then out the door.

My day yesterday was much better than expected but also sad moments intermingled with the laughs. I received a wonderful email from a friend suggesting we go to Brambridge and choose a special plant in a particular colour to remember lou. There are so many colours that signify wonderful thoughts. Sadness,  happiness. You get the picture I’m sure. I wrote a blog about what different colours mean in the world of flowers, when I wrote about the Arboretum for those people who had died in the line of duty. I believe they are considering including a memoriam to those police officers who died whilst doing their duty. The email moved me to tears and it was some hours after receiving it that I felt able to reply to it. We are meeting up next Tuesday.

I picked up the dogs who needed looking after for the day  with Nat and on the way home stopped for a walk. It was hilarious. There was an elderly lady obviously a dog trainer who along with other owners and their dogs were trying to go out for a dog training walk. Think of a cross between Barbara Woodhouse and Joyce Grenfall and you’ll get the picture. We could hear her shouting even when we couldn’t see the group. I wonder what that session achieved. We  chatted with a couple of ladies who said their dogs were better trained without going to classes.

Went to Reflexology. I begged a lift. Felt relaxed.

A friend called round with a bunch of flowers. They were lovely but would of course rather have Lou with me. Several calls from the regular dog walkers to say how sorry they were to hear the news, and guess what that set me off again. Dog walkers most of them are grand.

Early to bed and I slept better, but up with the very early lark. The Reflexologist commented that my eyes were very tired and dry. It must have been all the crying.

I’m going to go back to bed and have a read because there’s no need to hurry is there?




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