Stripping off

I guess nothing quite compares with my neighbours view of the hot weather. “I’ve taken my bra off and going to have a bit of comfort”. I do admire her. Couldn’t really see myself doing just that.

My mum springs to mind. Every morning after her bath she would struggle into her playtex. It must have been awful,  but over time she came to the same conclusion as my neighbour. Take it off and hang the fallout.

Busy weekend. I was asked to look after Luna the German shepherd on Saturday,  whilst the owners went over to the Island for a visit. Off to Romsey Paws Park and then home. We noticed a problem -Luna. Her head was on one side and she kept making squeeky noises obviously uncomfortable. With permission she went to the vet. On first examination they couldn’t see anything so a sedative was given. A while later I went to pick her up. Evidently the inside of her ear had been bleeding, but no offending objects in the actual ear. Vet put Luna into my car. She weighs 44 kilos so she’s way above my strength. Yet again with the help of neighbours got her and Trudy into the house. Quiet afternoon and cool in the lounge.

Have a pleasant day, Keep cool and don’t do too much. No housework for me until it becomes a lot cooler. Housework is going to be there tomorrow and forever.

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A bit of France

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Challenging time

The passage of time trundles along far too fast for me, but the days usually pass with nothing untoward happening, a bit of laughter,serious discussions and hot days.

I have been going out for a short walk into the woods where it is thankfully cooler both for me and the dog.

Following her return last Saturday from her walk she looked very off colour to me. A little while later she was in the garden pooing pink poo. At this point I was concerned. Phoned the vet. He had just left so I had no option but to go to the emergency vet in Winchester. They decided she had a severe bout of gastro enteritis, so left with Pro Kolin which to be honest I didn’t have much faith in, but it did the trick.  Ordered a tube from Amazon just in case.

My delightful neighbour went to the docs to see if she was going deaf, because everyone thought she was. Was told it was wax so it’s warm olive oil in her ears for her.

Karen one of my dog walkers has returned from holiday to France and bought home some jam for me. Thoughtful.

Have just returned from the vet where the cat had her claws trimmed. They were so long she couldn’t get unstuck from the chairs when she jumped up, or my clothes.

This weekend my grandaughter and her husband are celebrating their 30th birthdays. Pizza van supplying pizzas. Tea and cake in the afternoon and then bbq in the evening. All day and night time too. Tents being erected in the fields,where an expected 130 people are turning up. It isn’t raining at the moment so guess they must be relieved.

Quiet day for me for which I’m grateful and I hope not like last Saturday.

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Back of cupboards.

I was running short of dog biscuits as you do, when I noticed a bag of biscuts hiding at the back of the cupboard. Dodgy knees preclude me from bending down to investigate further, and then I had a brainwave. I would use a brush. Even with that it wouldn’t move and the brush head managed to disappear under the back of the cupboard. Solution.To ask my dog walker Nat to help out. She even had to lie down on the floor but she managed to retrieve both the biscuits and the brush head.

Trudy started her day with a wash, coutesy of Fur Angels. She has been an absolute brick over the past few weeks washing Trudy for me twice a week. Today she brought with her her young son. Whilst Trudy was washed he was in the back too, as it’s completely air conditioned. I could hear him nattering away from my lounge. So lovely to hear.

Wednesday I had to visit the hospital for an echogram on my liver as the CT scan picked up a few cysts they think. I did wonder if my previous drinking days had caught up with me, not that I drank to excess,but certainly more than the recommended limit these days.

Soooooo hot. I’m going to a barbie this afternoon which will probably be too hot but who cares.

Enjoy Wimbledon,  the sun and the strawberries or whatever floats your boat as the say.

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The art of standing after a fall

This blog really follows on from my last one when I wrote about my neighbours fall.

I have been keeping an eye on her but not being overly concerned, as I know she would hate that,  but she then explained how she managed to get to her feet. Apparently she must have fallen with her legs near the kerb. She was asked to push her feet on the kerb and she was pushed up “just like an  ironing board “. This really tickled me. She comes out with the most amazing things.

I fell a while ago but I was fortunate that I could shuffle to the sofa and use that as leverage. Not very becoming but successful.

I have just returned from Waitrose. My family have now landed back in UK and are looking to me to provide lunch. I am in no mood to cook, not even potatoes so lots of cold meats, salmon and salad, and a meringue roulade.

I was sat next to another elderly lady whilst we waited for the tills to open, and naturally we started talking. She had her food in her trolley but it mostly consisted of whisky and soda. Several bottles in fact. She explained that it had to last her a week?

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It was not a normal Thursday but it started out much the same as any other day.  Usual chores.

The morning was as it should be. Took Trudy out for her toilet time and then I noticed a small crowd gathered outside. Cars stopped, a dog was put on a lead, which in my opinion should already have been on a lead. The road is a busy one, and then what caught my eye was white hair. It dawned on me that it was my neighbour, but for a moment thought I was imagining it, because I knew she had been picked up and taken to church. What was she doing outside near the road?

I went outside to see her being helped to her door by very caring loving teenagers and I helped her inside to her home. She looked very shaken but the only damage I could see was a bruise on her elbow. Made the obligatory cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch. She would not go to the doctors.

I phoned her relation and explained what had happened.

I was going out for tea and cake but was reassured that all was well next door.

With the aid of Google found the house immediately. I’m one of those people who worry needlessly about getting lost but all was fine. Sat in the garden with Trudy and friends. Passed an enjoyable couple of hours and returned home with a bunch of sweet peas. How lovely they are.

Sleeping however was out of the question. I had an Atrial Fibrillation episode which really frightened me. I haven’t had an attack for quite a while as the medication usually works well for me but not last night so today feel a bit tired. Quiet day for me.

They do say that  stress  is often the cause of an episode and quite possibly after the neighbour’s accident and me worrying about getting lost, might well have played it’s part in my restless night.

Another warm summer day. Go outside and enjoy.




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