Where is it?

Last night I must have flung my arm out or something and my small clock disappeared. I certainly wasn’t going to look for it in the middle of the night.

This morning I could hear the old clock ticking away.  Yes I like the sound of a ticking clock, but where was it. Under the bed somewhere but I have no idea where. It wasn’t visible, and getting down on the floor would mean not getting up again.

I decided to wait for Nat my dog walker. She does get asked to do some crazy things. Turning off the stop cock, when I had a flood, changing a light bulb, and now hunt the clock.

There she was flat on her tummy with Trudy helping out. Trudy was so excited thought it was a great game. The outcome is she found it, and once again it is ticking away happily on the bedside table.

Today was the Beacon cafe. Really busy. I popped into the office and asked if they could photocopy a document for me which in the event of my collapse would warn others that I had a pacemaker fitted. The hospital had issued me with one, but every time I changed handbags or went walking with the dog with a bum bag I had to make sure I took it with me. Now I’ve no need to be worried.

Had a laugh, listened and offered support. One of our ladies her son has just “come out”. Interesting times.

Extra cake as one of the members was 94 today. Happy Birthday was sung by all.

A bit on the chilly side today.


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Baking hot Sunday.

When I woke up and had completed all the every day chores that we have to accomplish,  possibly taking tablets,  feeding the animals, walking in the garden until she has had a wee, I decided I would clean up a bit.

I hadn’t felt much like hoovering etc so yesterday morning decided I would make a start. It was so hot I was quietly steaming away, but did finally achieve a sort of clean flat.

Waitrose was next. So busy but still got out within thirty minutes.

Family came for lunch. I had already decided that not a pan would touch the cooker so it was crab salad for all of us, and a pavlova. It certainly hit the spot.

Today I decided no walking for me. Far too tired, but mid morning I decided that I would go for a short walk. Enjoyable, so peaceful.

I have prepared my lunch. You’ve guessed it cooked trout with salad, and the last of the pavlova. I’m one of those people who have to have a pudding,  otherwise my meal is not complete in my eyes.

Friend called round this morning as she had just left her dog to have her leg stitched up. She (the dog) had got caught up in some wire, which must have been very distressing for all of them.  I dont know the outcome yet, but I’m sure she will be fine.

Weather dull and gloomy.

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Missing Porta cabin

Yet again the loo has been upturned, but it does appear that they have learnt their lesson,and it has not been replaced, yet.

Have been going for walks to my old favourites this past week and Valley Park was one I had chosen.  Peaceful because as I arrived a lot of companies who were walking their clients dogs were leaving. There was a wonderful smell in the air of wild garlic, and the moisture in the air brought with it the smell of grass, trees and a lovely earthy smell.

Not as wet as it can be there, so i decided I would purchase from Amazon a hammock style cover for the rear seat of the car,  which is suspended from the front head rests to the back, with holes for seat belts to be pulled through to secure your dog.  I do love Amazon. The cover arrived yesterday, and I phoned my local garage to ask if they could fit it for me. I cannot clamber about in the car anymore and I took it in this morning to be fitted. All done and it’s just the job. Didn’t cost me anything but I will buy them a cake for their coffee break next time I’m out shopping.

I was out early this morning taking the cat to have her claws cut. I was horrified to discover that one of her claws had inbedded itself into her pad, so that must have been painful for her but all better now. Bled a bit but magic stuff was put on the wound and it stopped.

Driving to the vet I noticed a light on the dashboard and realised it was the petrol gauge. I thought I had plenty, but I was looking at the wrong gauge. My dilemma. Should I return puss to the flat or carry on to the petrol station. I decided I would carry on. She was very vocal and several people were a bit bemused to hear a cat crying but couldn’t see where it was coming from. Dropped her home and then I popped into the Hiltingbury Happy Place and priced up some toys for Lisa. Came home with a pair of Marks and Spencer linen trousers for a pound. Bargain.

Sat waiting for Trudy. She was going for a 5k run this morning followed by a walk.  A very tired dog I reckon when she gets home. She has just returned home. She couldn’t even manage the 5k run evidently and laid down. Just like her mum I reckon. A bit old and knackered although I’m proud of myself for going on walks on my own again, along with the dog of course.

Should be doing the housework but no enthusiasm and I’m sure it will be here tomorrow, unless the fairies do it for me.


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My weekend

My weekend it appears is over. I have just returned home from a BBQ and I’m sitting in my semi cool lounge. It is far too hot outside for me.

Going backwards.On Saturday I decided I would visit my charity shop.I haven’t been in there for many months, partly due to the fact that it’s changed so much and is not particularly friendly for those with an “afflction”. The old shop was full of comfy chairs and sofas so I could sit and do whatever was asked of me, provided I could sit. Not quite the same now I’m afraid.  However I walked up to the front door and this man bade me hello. After a few exchanges I told him I had worked there and he was happy. I noticed, but in fact you couldn’t miss it, his arm was surrounded by a large  want to say boot, but whatever they put on his arm to protect it. He had fallen through some glass and his arm was in a mess. He was proud and pleased that he hadn’t died. Next thing trousers round his knees to show me the scar where they took skin to rebuid his arm.  I did wonder if anyone saw this but nothing mentioned. He told me that he and his partner were making arrangements to be married. The accident brought home to him how important his relationship to his partner and family were.

Rest of the day spent keeping cool.

Sunday decided to do my shopping. Went in as the doors opened and thirty minutes later out.

Today got the ironing out and stuffed it back in a bag. Too hot.

Now I’m wondering what to do, but nothing springs readily to mind. My energy is zero at the moment. Is it my age or am I just lazy. Would like to think it’s age.

I’m praying for some rain, so it clears the air, and I don’t have to water the garden.

The builders who built these flats, in their wisdom put an outside tap in the front,but nothing outside the back of the flats.

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Friday feeling

I’m fortunate that I have long past the time when I had that Friday feeling, when you feel thankful that the end of the week has arrived. Particularly today as it’s coming up to another bank holiday, and no Monday morning feeling either.

My day is going to be spent having my hair done by a very nice young lady called Karen who now comes to my flat. So much easier for me, but in another way I’m sad that I’ve had to face up to the fact that it is much easier to have people come to the flat,  rather than me getting into the car, with all the problems that causes us sometimes.

Next going off to see my friend Amanda who is brilliant at sorting backs, necks and a myriad of other ailments, and yes the car has got to be started up for that visit.

Yesterday Trudy and I went for our favourite walk to the woods. So peaceful. I always take a stick with me these days. I’m thinking that three points of contact with the ground is one more than I have,  and might help me to stay upright. At the point of getting  Trudy into the car I hang my stick on the door handle of the car. As usual I did this but forgot to take it off. Driving along I thought the car had developed a nasty rattle, it was only when I got home I realised the cause, but it was still clinging on for dear life.

I’m sat in bed (it’s still early) trying to decide if I should try and get some sleep, read a book, or just relax and contemplate things. Contemplation sounds good.

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Feeling good

A bold statement I know but how could you not feel good when the sun is shining so brightly.

The downside is the cat. All she does is miow because she wants to go out and potentially get herself killed. Living on a busy road is not an ideal location for any animals, and of course we’ve got the extra traffic with the heavy lorries stopping to pick up the excavated soil from  the rec. There does seem to be some interest in what’s happening though.

I was meeting up with a strolling partner this morning.  Walking is a bit of a misnomer when all I do is potter. However it’s too hot. I don’t think Trudy or I would appreciate walking/strolling. Such a shame because I was looking forward to the meet up.

On the hunt for a lightweight garden chair. I know I hear you say go buy one,but would much rather up cycle someone’s chair they no longer use. Placed a post on our local facebook page and one lovely lady has already got in touch. Great.

Enjoy your day.

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