Hip hip hooray the sun’s out

At long last that yellow thing we occasionally see in the sky has made a welcome appearance, and doesn’t it change people’s attitudes. More smiles and a keeness for a natter. Coats off. It felt warm and best of all dry.

Dog walking friends out in force for our first walk of the day. One little Westie had blotted his copybook and we laughingly placed an Asbo on him. He had taken it into his head to leave the group and head off home all by himself. It does make you wonder how many dogs would be handed out Asbos.

A good friend accompanied by her three grandchildren and dog entered the field. Youngest hanging on to the wheelchair, the other two doing what young boys aged 10 get up to. She was in a rush but assured us the gin was already in the fridge awaiting her attention at the end of the day. I bet that first gin will taste blooming wonderful.

Had my reflexology and now I’m so chilled out, don’t know what to do next. Perhaps nothing.

Have been given my instructions for the dog sit day so all good. I know when to give out lunch when to play and most importantly when to leave.

Do I have some gin in the fridge for my return. No I don’t because I hate gin. It brings back very bad memories of gin and orange back in the day. Uhh!



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Dogs that can count

During our walk this morning we met one of our usual walkers who was pretty sure his dog could count (although I’m not so sure). Most of us walk around with treats in our pockets and dogs very quickly learn who has them.  This particular dog was quite happy with eating one treat, but if you upped the treats he wouldn’t leave you alone. One okay, two represented annoying jumping up behaviour.

My daughter has bought an old run-around for her dog, to save wear and tear on her mini, not to mention the lack of space for a rapidly growing German shepherd. It has unfortunately a problem so at the present time it is in the garage awaiting attention. In the meantime as her mini has been cleaned inside and out, the dog isn’t allowed in, but my car is okay to pile all the dogs in. To be honest my present car is one that I’m not particularly fond of, so no problem. I picked her up at lunch time for yet another walk in the rain. The dog by all accounts is lucky to be alive. She had ripped out the LED lights fitted into the kitchen units  (you know the sort, pretty colours around the bottom of the skirting board), and was thoroughly enjoying herself. I must say I had a giggle.

Off for a snoop at the charity shop. My daughter bought two pairs of curtains which she was going to turn into a cover for the sofa.

Finally home made a cup of tea and the phone rang. It was a very nice call. I have been invited to a cream tea at a hotel in Romsey next week. Something nice to look forward to.

Reflexology tomorrow. Another enjoyable hour spent having my feet massaged.

Saturday is dog sitting for Luna and Trudy. The family are off to the I.O.W for a music festival, so I’m dog sitting. I’ve warned them that if the dogs are naughty I’m going into the crate for a sleep and leave them to it, the dogs I mean.

I was fortunate to attend the first ever Isle of Wight festival which was indescribable. I remember the hundreds and hundreds of people who were there. The nude bathers (much to the disgust of the locals) and the sheer volume of humanity. Trying to feed them, offering comfort and just being. I must say I felt quite scared at times.


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Where is everyone?

Morning everyone. It’s a miserable day so wet, dark and depressing. I feel quite at odds with myself.

Everyone seems to be missing. Walkers, although I appreciate it’s so awful out there, that I imagine everyone was scurrying about wanting to get home. Normally there are people congregating in the field,  whilst the dogs get on with life. Even Facebook seems to be quiet, likewise our local good neighbours page. It could of course be that people are away for their annual holiday.

Nat my dog  walker arrived with her foster dog this morning called Prince. He is a Weimaraner and travelled over from Ireland yesterday with his family to be fostered by Nat. She has a fondness for the breed, as she herself owned one for many years until he died. Prince looks as though someone has put eyeliner round his eyes, and his coat has more brown in it than her previous dog.

It is a huge undertaking to take on someone else’s dog. He is not young and it must be so unsettling for him. She is fortunately trained in dog behaviour so he’s a lucky dog.

He will be introduced to the other dogs that she looks after today so quite a busy day for him, Trudy did a bit of growling but all good. I tend to back off when I hear the growling. I don’t want to be in a position of being bitten if things take a turn for the worst.

Big day yesterday Trudy went off lead. She actually did a bit of a run, which is unusual. She’s an ambling type of dog.

Derek the weekend walker desperately wants her to run, so he can take her jogging, but I don’t think that’s very likely.

Trudy was introduced to his grandchildren. They evidently wanted to tell her some secrets and kept lifting her ears up and whispering in her shell like. Do you remember trying to whisper in a friend’s ear. It never worked out did it. No one could understand what was being said and you usually collapsed with laughter. I can’t remember when I last had someone whisper in my ear, but perhaps that’s a good thing.

Keep wellies and umbrellas to hand today. The weather forecasters advise it’s not going to get any better any time soon.

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Unexpected visitors

This morning started much the same as others, the only thing different was I decided to buy some bits and bobs from Tesco’s early. I had waved Trudy off with Anne and Derek and decided to pop out to the shop which is just a few minutes away from my home.

Doing my own thing, supermarkets tend to make me oblivious to anything else, when I heard my name called. It turned  out that it was a fellow dog walker, who like me decided on an early shop. Nattered a bit and we split up. When I left the store she was outside waiting for me, and the long and short of it is, she came in for a coffee, along with her dog Meg. There is something nice about having a spontaneous meet up. You don’t feel you have to tidy the house they just have to take you and the house as they are. No stress.

Over coffee discussed most things including her buying a new rug from Bluebellgray. I had never heard of this company, but after she left I logged on. Lovely carpets although they are quite expensive.

Saw Liz and Meg off and then another visitor. Out came the coffee, another sit down and natter, and then for the third and final time my daughter with her puppy Luna arrived. Busy few hours but enjoyable.

Snack lunch and then out for dinner. Way to go

At the time of writing this blog I hadn’t realised it was Happy Friendship Day, so my drop in friends were very appropriate.


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Working again at the charity shop

As Trudy is worried about being left on her own, I’ve felt unable to work my rota at the shop. I am also mindful that the other flat dwellers don’t want to listen to her barking either, but today with the help of Derek and Anne, The Cinnamon Trust walkers, I could spend a while there.

When I arrived it was before opening time but no-one around although cars were parked outside. I noticed there was a window open upstairs, and I was wondering if I should contact someone in case there was someone collapsed inside. However I needn’t have worried all was well.

Busy morning. We sold two wheelchairs and other items. One lady bought a small yellow polka dot teapot (I wonder if you thought I was going to write yellow polka dot bikini) but no. She lived in Cambridge and was on a visit to her family. She supplied tea and cakes to her friends in Cambridge and was always on the look out for pretty teapots and china.

There were several baskets of material just ready for quilting. I phoned my daughter and she was going along to have a look. She had spent the morning at the local accident and emergency. They think she might have cellulitis.

I had the task of sifting through bags that had been donated. This is a “sitting down” job which suits me just fine. Inside one of the bags was a pale blue negligee. Very Grace Kelly looking.

I’m sure you will have realised that I live in a ground floor flat. It is very strange to me what appears outside my door. Of course the usual rubbish, and then playing cards. Do they continue to play without a full deck? I am intrigued.

Further along there are tea bags and cigarette buts. Not very nice. Please don’t think I live in a squat, because I don’t.  It’s very pleasant. Just surprising what sometimes appears.


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I’m struggling to write anything remotely interesting, as the weather has certainly dampened my enthusiasm for anything especially outside activities. I did have a short walk yesterday and it was short. Still managed to get very wet though.

I do have a waterproof coat with hat but I hate the hat. They never seem to fit do they, and in the end I take it off and get wet. I much prefer to get wet than wear the terrible hat. I’m lucky that my hair has a natural wave so I like to think I don’t look too bad. Who am I kidding?

Today does seem to be better. I can see some sun, but what to do. Walking goes without saying.

Did anyone see the fantastic programme on television about the oldies and the four year olds,  how they each helped one another out, and it showed how much the oldies improved. Walking improved and their memory. It just shows how much we can gain from each other. I hope we see more of this happening in our residential homes in the U.K.

It did make me sit up and think about what can be done to help us oldies, especially as it was said that these homes could be considered a waiting room.

From ducklings hatching, to playing on the floor. Remarkable.

Children had a great time too. Final episode last night. Will have to watch it on catch up.


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