My Christmas tree

This is my tree. Isn’t it wonderful. My real tree is in the garden doing well, but it’s too heavy for me to bring into the flat.

We are fortunate to have a new florist opened in Hiltingbury Road. I phoned and asked if she could spray a twig for me and place it in a vase. This is the result. Perfect isn’t it. I had some old glass decorations which adorn the twig. It certainly didn’t take anytime at all to decorate.

The shop is owned by a very pleasant young lady called Kelly.

I popped into the shop yesterday to pay her. Mum was there helping out. She made me a cup of tea and we nattered for a while. Lovely smell and wonderful flowers of all descriptions and colours.

Popped into the charity shop to search for some old brooches. No luck.

Next stop the local newsagents for more cards and then finally the coffee shop where I purchased some very nice cakes to go with a coffee. Bought myself one and also for my dog walkers.

We are so lucky to have everything on our doorstep.

The flat is smelly lovely. Cooking a lamb dish with herbs and wine.

Enjoy your day.

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Christmas is a coming

As we hurtle towards Christmas and the beginning of the New Year memories of this year invade my mind.

I guess first and foremost health worries. As you hurtle towards another year you realise that brings another birthday. At our meeting yesterday, Mary celebrated her 80th birthday. She looks marvellous and is amazingly well. For a pre birthday treat she was taken to London for a lunch out and a theatre visit, accompanied by one of her daughter’s.

On their train journey home they started up a conversation with the guard and obviously her birthday treat was mentioned. He very kindly tried to reseat them in first class, but she was too tired to move. Nice gesture though.

One of our members was telling us about her Christmas arrangements. Lots of family staying along with dogs and three live chickens. The chickens are unable to be looked after in their usual home, as the chicken minder is ill. How wonderful just what I believe Christmas should be about.

I was also given permission to take Trudy to church so I can enjoy a Christmas sermon.

The one thing that threw me was a proposal of marriage. Surprising to say the least, but I will not be taking up that offer.



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Christmas presents

As I turn yet again to the Internet for present shopping, I feel quite guilty because I’m not supporting our local shops. In fairness the crowds, parking and the rush rush rush puts me off, so Internet shopping it is.

I have pretty much finished I’m glad to say. I’m careful with my money spend, but hope they will all enjoy the bits I’ve bought. I’ve often thought what must it feel like to have oodles of money to spend on gifts, but I should think they still face the same problem of “what should I buy”.

Next food. What goodies do you enjoy?. Chocolate, cake, Turkey. I enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.

I’ve had to ditch the traditional Christmas tree. Mine has grown so much I can’t lift it into the flat, so something smaller I think.

Grab your wet weather gear and perhaps go Christmas shopping.

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Run up to Christmas

Yesterday along with my neighbour we visited our local garden centre. Whilst it was enjoyable (we arrived when Santa Clause appeared), and carols were being sung,which bought a lump to my throat, something seemed to be lacking. Perhaps its because we are all trying to be full of good cheer.Every time I hear carols I feel myself well up. So beautiful. Stepped inside and we were assailed by the most lovely smells. Room diffusers, soap and bath bombs all added to the smells. We wondered around. The decorated trees looked lovely and the tree decorations were stunning.

Next stop the cafe for a hot chocolate. Lots of young assistants helping out at tables. One young girl kindly carried our tray to our table. Carrying trays whilst holding walking sticks could have proved a problem.I didn’t want to drop anything on the floor.I think most of the money that people spent was in the cafe.

So busy in there.

I was particularly hunting for a twig that I could put some decorations on but couldn’t see anything that suited. I came home with a bird feeder. Last of the big spenders. Much of my shopping has been done online, and I have bought eight presents so far. Two of those were squeaky toys for Trudy and Luna.

We are lucky enough to have a new business opened in Chandlers Ford. A florist who had very good reviews. I tried to visit her shop but parking was a real problem so I gave up.

I phoned her and asked if she could supply a twig, branch , whatever and she was happy to help. Sorted.

Bright sunny day and it feels warmer too.





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Lovely piece of cake

On Saturday I went for a pedicure and eyebrow treatment. It is pretty good being pampered once in a while isn’t it. Just as I was leaving she handed this little box to me. Inside was a piece of fruit cake which was so good.

Rachel had celebrated her fiftieth birthday a couple of days earlier. I was touched that she had remembered me.

Happy birthday Rachel. You look stunning.

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Lovely cairns.

I was delighted to have a visit from one cairn called Ziggy. I had this breed for many years, and even had a litter of pups. I have a particular fondness for these lovable characters. So naughty and so independent. Trudy loved him and by the time he left she was tired and grumpy but he was on a roll. It brought it home to me how challenging a pup is. In Trudy’s defence I love setters too.

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