My favourite birthday card

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Reversible pinny and a bouquet of flowers

Today is my birthday again. How the time does fly. My grandaughter sent me the flowers and they are a delight. I’m very pleased I didn’t buy myself a bunch from Tesco.

The pinny was a mother’s day present. It is reversible. Large so I can wrap it around and it has pockets. I really like a pocket.

As is often the case it seems I can’t remember much about last week.We did however travel to Portsmouth and Fareham last Monday. Dogs all in the car. It was so warm. I realised too late that I should have taken some water with us.

On the way home we called at the charity shop and I bought a tupperware container suitable for putting water in. Of course its pretty much poured with rain since Monday. Do you remember going to tupperware parties and been astonished at the prices? Now you can pick pieces up very cheaply.

They have had an amazing sale selling ladies clothes for one pound each. I bought a couple of new dresses. Washed and ironed ready to go. I also bought a waistcoat like an afghan coat all woolly. I’ve been so cold that I’ve been wearing it. The cat loves it.

Tuesday was the Beacon Cafe. We made Easter hats and little baskets.

Wednesday and Thursday I had a decorator in to paint the hall, kitchen and lounge. I’ve had one wall in the lounge painted slate grey. Its mainly because Trudy likes to sleep on her bed with her legs up the wall. Now I don’t have to wash the wall all the time.The dirt doesn’t show in the grey. Good job all round.

Off to lunch today and then a movie. However I do wish that I had woken up with someone saying “Happy Birthday”with a cup of tea although I’ve had a phone call or two, but that’s not quite the same is it?

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Best laid plans

I received two letters from the hospital regarding my appointments with the Pacing Clinic and one for my “shadow”.

I wrongly got the dates mixed up. The Pacing Clinic is tomorrow, and I thought the shadow appointment was also tomorrow but it’s not. It’s for the end of April so a month later

You may think not a big deal but it has taken some organising. Lift tomorrow morning, and another lift in the afternoon which of course is no longer  needed. Even Trudy had to be organised.

Positive thoughts would suggest they can’t be too worried about the shadow so a certain amount of relief.

I’m hoping to go to Bambridge Garden Centre this afternoon. It’s such a lovely day that thoughts of garden flowers enters your mind. I’m sure I shall return with a plant or two, even though I have only a very small space.

It’s one thing I miss having my own space, where I can sit without hearing and seeing an endless stream of cars,  lorries etc, but typically when I had such a space I didn’t appreciate it.




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New pension

Just heard from the Pension department advising me of my new pension as from April 6th, but what tickled me most was the postscript at the bottom of the letter. When I’m 80 (not quite yet) I would be entitled to another 25p a week. What’s that about?.

Weekend spent doing what I do much of the time these days. Talking to the animals. A few friends who drop by and reading.  It’s surprising out of all my “friends” who offered to help,not one has come forward to ask if I’d like a coffee or something. That says something.

As long as they’re okay don’t worry about anything else. It’s not going to happen to them.

I heard a while back that we should have lessons in getting old, because no one thinks they’ll get old and need help. Good idea.

This past weekend lost an apple which I couldn’t find, but my daughter found it under a heavy dining room table, and then would  you believe it my toothbrush vanished .  Went to clean my teeth and it had gone. I just cleaned my teeth with my finger and then off to Tesco to buy a new one. However I found it under the step I use to get in and out of the shower.

Dotty or what.


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Head Space

Following on from my conversation with the doc I had to re-acclimatise my head. Is it anything to worry about or is it a peculiarity to me?.

First thing that crossed my mind. What about the animals?. I have made arrangements but it’s still upsetting, because they can’t stand up for themselves.

Cough is still there but less.

Yesterday I decided I had to get some shopping. I was very kindly dropped off at the front door and then picked up again.

Today I’ve been trying to clear up the flat. Whilst unpacking I dropped an apple on the floor. I can’t find it anywhere. I’m going to have to ask my daughter to scramble under the table for me. I do hate having to ask.

Following my fall when I hurt my coccyx, I have found sitting a challenge.Evidently you need to sit on a ring type thing, something similar that some of us ladies might have sat on following giving birth. No such rubber ring in my flat so I’ve conjured up something that seems to work well enough.

I have one of those triangular cushions. I’ve bent it round and then placed a pillow at the back, so in effect I’ve a nice little hole in the middle. It does work and the pain is less when I sit.

Weather still grotty but promises to get better next week.




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