Pacemaker fault

I was just thinking that everything was going well. Still got the cough but not so annoying, and then out of the blue today the hospital rang to ask me to attend next Thursday for a check up, as a fault had been found in the  pacemaker that I have. I enquired what the problem was but it was deemed too complicated to explain. I was considered low risk. From what I wonder?. I have organised lifts and a dog sitter.

This week has been uneventful, which is perhaps a good thing. Trundled off to the Beacon for tea and cakes along with my neighbours. To tell the truth I’m worn out helping them get in and out of the car, plus myself and Trudy, then I feel mean and horrid for feeling like this.

Today off for a walk. Gorgeous but I’m not feeling the heat from the sun yet. Much of the time I look out the window and it’s overcast. Not much sun around just odd glimpses.

Where is it?. I look at the weather forecast which assures me it is going to be really nice and getting warmer.




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Coughing spasms

Since before Christmas I have been plagued with a tiresome cough which wouldn’t go away.  It even stopped me singing carols. I wasn’t too concerned because almost everyone I knew had got a cough.

Finally I had enough and last week I filled in an e consult form and sent it on its way.

It seemed that within a short time I had an appointment at the docs. How I hate going to the docs. However I did go because this tickly cough was really annoying especially when it was worse the moment you went to bed, when all you wanted to do was sleep.

Long story short.A course of acid reflux medication, a blood test, appointment with the asthma nurse and a chest x ray. This week my calendar is pretty much filled with medical assignations.

I enjoyed last weekend. Popped up to see my favourite florist for a chat. Wonderful flowers and she had delivered to her a large bunch of peonies. Gorgeous and then off to do a bit of sorting out at the charity shop.

The manager there is considering putting together packs of children’s clothes all sizes to help those in need alongside women’s clothing. I think we have all been touched by a post asking for clothes for the homeless, reminding us that homeless is not defined by just living on the streets.

Last Friday when it was pouring I could not help thinking of those outside. Being  wet is so much worse than the cold I should think.

This week the weather is looking up and I might even go for a walk later.

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A caring place to live

As some of you are possibly aware we in the south have had a deluge of the white stuff. Not so bad ìn Chandlers Ford but the pavements are a no go area as is our car park. It makes a grand skating rink if you are so inclined. So again housebound. I’ve just spoken to my neighbour who is hoping to visit a friend in the hospice. I wish she wouldn’t go but she won’t take any notice of me. She said she wobbles even without the snow and ice.

I read on Chandlers Ford neighbours that a very kind person was collecting coats,sleeping bags, and warm clothing for the homeless. I was so touched to read about this persons commitment in helping those less fortunate.

Another post was from Ade offering to do shopping for those unable to get out. How very kind. I feel I do very little now which makes me feel Sad and slightly inadequate.


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Where’s a tree?

I have started going for a walk again. The phrase “use it or lose it” springs to mind and I really don’t want to lose it. Keep telling myself it really doesn’t matter how long I take just get on with it.

I was really hoping to get away for a week or so but it’s proving difficult. I just want an Hotel almost on the beach where I can sit and relax with Trudy but the beach has to be accessible as I no longer can clamber over stones or indeed steps. It’s awful advancing years.

On my walk on Tuesday I met a pleasant lady walking her westie. Trudy loves little dogs. Perhaps it stirs something in her as she had a couple of litters. The lady was obviously hoping to have a chat and I knew that Trudy would have me over if I stayed talking on the path. Looked frantically around for a tree or something similar, but all I could see was a red poo bin. I suggested we go there, and although the conversation was interesting the smell being emitted was not conducive to hanging about,  so regretfully I left.

Will try and get out today. It very much depends on the state of the car park outside the flats. When it rains it floods and often wellies are needed to reach your car if it’s parked away from the front door. Considering mine is parked in the far corner I have to negotiate a lot of icy surfaces.

Take care.









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Functioning alcoholic to sobriety

I have decided after many years to write my story about living with an alcoholic although I think for many years I was in denial.

He was smart,looked good and worked, but behind the scenes there was the driving force to have another drink. Holidays were the worst time. He had to make sure there was enough booze to carry on over the holiday period,

He was kind though but weak.

From collapsing over the Christmas dinner table (he had visited the pub before hand) to burning a hole in one of my best tablecloths. He lost his licence and I had to get up every morning to drive to the train station,  because he was paranoid he would smell before he got to the station. He was certainly a strange guy.

And then one day he stopped drinking. I didn’t recognise him and in a strange way didn’t know him anymore. He ate loads and loads of sweets and unfortunately the relationship didn’t survive. I did discover later that he got married and was back drinking, and then the devastating news he had died. Don’t know how. Such a stupid waste.

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Bad back

I have suffered with back pain for many years and have tried just about everything to get some relief. From chiropractors to osteopaths the list is endless, but this is in part not the reason I’m writing this blog. It’s the dropping of things.

Don’t you find that dropping items on the floor increases when you certainly don’t want to bend, it certainly does for me. Not just once but several times during the day. Must remember how to bend the right way,  but it’s easier said than done.

On a lighter note Luna my daughter’s German shepherd has been accepted by a doggy agency, and it would be very exciting if she were chosen for any modelling assignments.

So cold here today. I have a tee shirt, jumper and a cardigan on and still feeling chilly. Good old storage heaters. Even Trudy has declined going in the garden for her morning wee.

If you are out and about take good care.

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