Charities & Groups

The Cinnamon Trust 01736 757900

Based in Hayle, Cornwall, this a charity that assists with keeping owners and pets together in times of trouble. I have used their services myself, they provide amazing help when needed.

Age UK 01962 871212

Offering help and advice on many topics, such as “Am I entitled to more support?” etc.

Good Neighbours 07914 757380

This is a local group who as the title suggests offer befriending services and help with trips to local hospitals and doctors.

Atrial Fibrillation 07921801349

A support group meeting for a chat and a cup of coffee.

The Hospice Shop, 72 Hiltingbury Rd, Chandlers Ford SO53 5SS

Amazing what comes through the door. Staff are friendly and helpful.
I am delighted that they accepted me as a volunteer.

Beacon Club, Hursley Road –  St Boniface Church

Meets every two weeks. Being on my own I felt intimidated by attending for the first time but they were most welcoming and I look forward to the get together. Lovely homemade cakes.

There are other clubs in Chandlers Ford such as Friendly Fridays at The Hilt, and Community Cafe at St Francis Church.

3 Responses to Charities & Groups

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  2. Thank you so much for highlighting the work that our sterling volunteers do on behalf of the Cinnamon Trust.


  3. enid says:

    Nice to have a mention.thanks Wendy.Can you make it clear that in the Good Neighbours group we can only assist people within the SO53 postcode, Also and critically ,we need more volunteers for befriending and driving. We currently have more requests for driving than we can handle.!


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