I’m sat in my lounge pondering the time that is looming ahead of me. You know the long bank holiday, when imagination keeps telling me everyone has a plan and it’s a happy plan, with family and friends.

My family are off to Bristol to visit their daughter and my grandchild. I was invited but couldn’t bear to think of their puppy and Trudy in a car travelling  all that way, and what would things be like when we arrived. An annoying pup and a grumpy older dog -no thank you.

So what to do. Usual backup plan shopping which as you probably remember not particularly enjoyable for me. No matter how much you spend on food,a few days later it’s all gone. The charity shop beckons later in the day.

Tomorrow I have a friend coming to lunch with her dog so I’m looking forward to that.

Weather is going to be wonderful I believe. That makes such a nice change doesn’t it?.

Enjoy whatever it is you are planning and let the sun shine on you all this day.